Trail’s End Popcorn

Otschodela Council provide the facilities and professional leadership for Scouting. The Council works with individual Units to build the best possible fund-raising program. This webpage can be a good resource for Leaders, to learn about the upcoming year’s popcorn program, to see what materials are available to Scouts, their families, and to volunteer leaders.


Other Popcorn Information


NEW!!! – Popcorn & Supporting our Military (PDF)

Games and fun

The following are games that your Packs can use to help them develop their scouts selling skills. It was created by a school teacher, who is a unit leader in the Greater Niagara Frontier Council, Buffalo, NY.

Popcorn bingo overview (PDF)

Popcorn bingo #1 (PDF)

Popcorn bingo # 2 (PDF)

Popcorn bingo # 3 (PDF)

Selling Spiel Game (PDF)

Fill it Up and get Prizes – Learn How! (PDF)


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New Prize Program-